The mission is very simple,(Win Souls To JESUS CHRIST), spread the good news of God’s deliverance power through the preaching of the word,through songs, and by the example of how Jesus changed my life,to as many who will receive it. To encourage, persuade, and motivate both young and old people to surrender their life to Jesus. Also to share my personal testimony of how Jesus  helped me out of troublesome situations. LaTrel is grounded in the spirit and his music centers around the end time message of the gospel today.

Booked dates for Latrel on tour 2013
  • Jan 15th- 18th in and around Columbus GA.
  • Feb. 1st-4th in and around Augusta GA.
  • Feb. 15th-18th in and around Columbia SC.
  • Mar. 1st-4th in and around Bowie MD.
  • Mar.15th-18th in and around Alexandra VA.
  • April 1st-4th in and around Hampton VA.
  • April 27th Savannah GA.
  • May 1st-4th  in and around Hopkinsville KY
  • May 15th-18th in and around Louisville KY.
  • May 17th Orlando FL.
  • June 1st-4th in and around Houston TX.
  • June 15th-18th in and around Austin TX.
  • July 1st-4th in and around El Paso TX.
  • July 15th-Sept. touring California

LaTrel is the new century gospel soul singer

God Said “In the Last Days, I will raise up a nation that shall obey”

LaTrel is definitely one in the number of the True Soldiers for Christ